Sunday, May 15, 2005

Set the alarm for 3 a.m. As soon as you open your eyes start making the first moves to get out of bed. Do not delay, try and make this as smooth as possible. Preferably, you should practice for at least a week before so that you wake up without any assistance.

The alarm should never go off but on the day set it anyway.

Say to yourself: ‘This is the time when my brain feels most creative. This is a time when things might happen.” Really believe it for two or three beats and then forget about it, dismiss it and smile about it.

It’s probably hippy guff and you know it.

Your clothes should be ready. As you get dressed accept that your bodily rhythms should sometimes be obeyed and sometimes concussed beyond belief.

Put on some warm clothes. You don’t want to catch a chill.

Log on to the internet. You need to find a lesbian chat room. If you are a lesbian then find something else. You may need to use your imagination. A good example is FantasyCastle. You must stay online for one hour.

Your task this morning is to make someone feel better about themselves.

The sweeter the site looks, the better. Some of the hardcore ones will use language you won’t understand. The nicer ones are pink. They are mostly full of bi-curious straight girls looking for a way to bypass their ambivalence. You should choose a name that’s unusual, perhaps a little masculine – don’t push this, you’ll get booted from the site– something mythological is best, the obscurer the better. Nice girls are attracted by nice names. Ariel is a good one – man’s name, girlish.

Don’t take yourself too seriously.

Be nice. Be about 23. Be confident.

Be pure, be vigilant, behave

Most sites allow you to privately message – approach someone by telling them that have a nice name. If someone asks you for ASL they mean your age, sex and location. Wherever you are in the world say you live in Glastonbury, England. People all over the world feel safe with Brits. They aren’t noted for their sexual aggression but have a tendency towards deviance. In these rooms these things can be crucial.

Remember it’s the little things that count. Take care not to sound aggressive or desperate. You want to give the impression you are an intelligent, sexual being.

ASL means age sex location but don’t request it like that. Be subtle…ask them to describe themselves, say you’re a very visual girl, smile a lot. Describe actions by putting them in asterisks.

Tell me about yourself. I’m a very visual girl *s*

*walking across the room, smiling, standing behind you, running my nails down your spine, resting on the top of your ass, whispering* Hi…

Try something subtle first, a smile, a walk across the room, brushing your hand across their face, down their side. Everything should be lighter than light…

*brushing lightly down your side, just barely touching your breast, feeling you shiver, smiling, letting my nails run softly across your ass, snaking around your hips…*

Smile a lot - *S*. Don’t Laugh Out Loud - *LOL* - too much. Think about reality…how much do you actually laugh out loud? How mysterious can you be when you’re snorting away like an animal?

If the site supports picture posts have a few ready – they should be subtle, artistic, ambiguous. Black and white works well…Beautiful girls, naked and seen from the back, their hands tied or restricted in some way. Give the impression of danger and exploration without intimidating your audience.

Give people a little cruelty. This is all scene and setting. The people in these chat rooms can have normality anytime; they are sucked dry by it; they don’t want to feel contaminated in their headspace. They want to feel they’re pushing open a new world.

Remember: this is a replacement for a life; make it worth living.

Once you’re private messaging, ask them if they’re alone. Tell them your girlfriends asleep upstairs. Tell them sometimes your girlfriend and you act out some of the things you imagine in the chat room. Tell them you love cybering together, especially when you swap personal pictures.

Before you send a personal picture, describe yourself….say you’re very femme, say you’re almost entirely lesbian – give the impression you have the odd lapse.

I’m a 23 year old mostly lez (say 95%) girl from England; tallish (5’8), slim with long dark hair and blue-grey eyes, looking for someone nice femme girls to play with…

The lapses make them feel you must be attractive enough for men to find attractive.

Find a picture of a beautiful girlfriend, try and get one where she’s looking directly into the camera. Post this and say it’s you – describe your girlfriend as the opposite of you. If your picture’s blonde, then your gf should be brunette. Say you won’t post any pics of your gf because she hasn’t given her permission.

This makes you trustworthy. This gives you the competive edge.

The Bi-curious like experimentation. The vast majority are submissive so be dominant. You’ll soon pick up how badly they can be treated.

Take them to a basement, tie them up – be gentle, unless you’re asked not to be – make them feel like you are in total control. They are submissive, it’s unlikely you can go too far if you go slowly enough.

Cut them, brand them with your initials, tie them up in complex arrays of rope and wire and pulley systems. Make them see themselves through your eyes.

If they orgasm and tell you, tell them you have too. Don’t let anyone feel isolated and alone. Mention – blush as you do this, maybe giggle nervously – that they actually made you squirt as you orgasmed. Girls like to talk about this; it doesn’t happen to them that often and you’ll make the person feel special. Leading up to and post-orgasm, make a few spelling mistakes

*Goddddddd…that wasreallly…I actually squirted then…hvent in agesm…mmmmmmmmmmm;;*

Have some fun with this for an hour. At 4 a.m. it’s time to leave the house. Don’t log out the chat room, just close it down and disappear.


At 12:07 PM, Blogger ~Stephanie~ said...

Thanks for stopping by my site..I have read your blog like twice and I am still trying to figure it out...LOL...Maybe the more you post I will understand more..


At 12:43 PM, Blogger Kempernorton said...

Thankyou Stephanie.All will become clear.


At 2:01 PM, Blogger Jimbo said...

Everything since Glastonbury has been a letdown.

At 4:18 PM, Blogger John said...

Your idea looks interesting. I would have probably discussed your site if you hadnt comment spammed my blog with a link to your site and no relation to the post you were commenting on.

At 4:21 PM, Blogger forevereternalmike said...

u r random

At 12:47 AM, Blogger Kempernorton said...

my advice, John, is not to let curiosity get the better of you next time...


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