Wednesday, May 18, 2005

When this song is finished, walk the rest of the way in silence. Try to think of how the following story beginning would be continued. Use the things you see around you to help you decide what should happen next.

A week before the Village Halloween celebrations. Three men lie dead at McGready’s farm – long derelict - in a barn that has been burned to the ground. In the centre of the barn a huge Momunent stands. It takes the form of a War Monument but all the names of the people etched into its stone are people who live in the village and none of them are dead.

Think about this story for as long as it takes to get home. Sit on your doorstep for awhile before entering the house. Try not to think of anything.

(Note: If anyone approaches you during this walk your main task is to work into the conversation that the reason you're out here in the middle of the night walking is that you're about to undergo major surgery. Be specific. They should go away sure that the next time you see them you'll be one kidney less. If you see no one then this conversation should take place with a stranger in the morning. The renal details should be worked seamlessly into the conversation, an accidental reveal, a derailed slice of discourse that sets the scene for every subsequent meeting.You task is to make this person understand but they should not go away feeling sorry for you. You should prove to be strong in the face of adversity and they should go away inspired.)

Go into your house and creep upstairs. Go back to your bedroom, take off your clothes and get back into your bed. Set the alarm for 8 o clock.

As you go to sleep you should be listening to PGR - The Chemical Bride. Track it down.


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